Upland Pine, Blackwater River State Forest. Photo by Gary Knight

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Curious About Florida’s Natural Wonders? Check Out the Atlas of Florida’s Natural Heritage

When is the best time to view wildflowers in the Florida panhandle?  Which region of Florida has the most reptiles?  Why is prescribed fire used to manage many of Florida’s natural areas?  If you’re curious about these and other facts about Florida natural areas and conservation, check out FNAI’s Atlas of Florida’s Natural Heritage!  The Atlas covers a broad range of topics from natural communities, rare plants and animals, conservation and land management efforts, and some of the most spectacular natural areas in the state. 

We're pleased to announce the Atlas is now available at a new lower rate: $50 for hardcover and $35 for softcover editions.  You can order from Amazon or directly from FNAI.  Here’s just a sample of pages included:

Florida panther Atlas page.
Apalachicola natural area Atlas pages.
Florida plants overview Atlas pages.

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  1. NOTE: the reduced price may not be available from Amazon right away, but is currently available when ordering direct from FSU.